Made in Huddersfield – The Town That Made Itself

Together with Kirklees Museums & Galleries we invited our audience to embark on a journey with us around the fantastic pop up museum and show at Huddersfield Rail Station.

Our audience discovered the whirr of the local textile industry, the fizz of Ben Shaw’s soft drinks, the boom of Huddersfield’s engineering and bang of Standard Fireworks.

They were met on  the steps of the station by Mr Tolson as he welcomed participants to the exhibitions along with our very own Curator to help guide the fascinating tour. Storytelling, mischief and memories were abound. Performances took place in October Half Term 2016.

For this town is special, the buildings of Huddersfield, Art of Huddersfield, radical heritage of Huddersfield.  Radical people.  The academics.  The soldiers.  The workers.  The mills, the thrills, the chills of Huddersfield. Likes, dislikes, trikes and bikes. Wool dyes, sad eyes, eyesores and absolute bores of Huddersfield. Where to go, where to know, where to learn, earn, meet, greet, kiss, impress, dress, caress, address … in Huddersfield. The past, the future.  The ghosts, the memories, the laughter.  The heartbreak.   All here within this town.


made in hudds 6