“On top of my all-time achievements, still on a massive high”

–Dave, Participant, Everyday Heroes

“What can I say it was a crazy / fab couple of months in the end everything came together. The night was perfect … and I’m now passionate about creative arts!”

–Arati Patel-Mistry, Director of Community Engagement, New Charter Academy

“The event was such a privilege to be a part of -getting the opportunity to work with different people who you would not otherwise get the opportunity to be involved with was not only a great leaning experience but also an inspiring one. The community spirit and presence was humbling to see and made me re evaluate what it is to be …. An everyday hero!”

–Jessica Woodhead, Intern, Chol Theatre

“From the get-go, every student engaged with the topic, surpassing the expectations we held..the work the students have produced has been excellent in terms of quality.”

–Teacher, Wales High School, Imaginary Communities

“Have You Seen Evangeline is a fantastic piece of comedy theatre in the guise of a ghostly walking tour…it holds its own as a piece of surprising lively theatre” Read the full article

–Reviewer Kate Booth, Culture Vultures

“Nothing good will come from pretending bad stuff isn’t happening. And I think our project was about trying to hold up something that is beautiful about the things the post war generation has made, something about viewing the ‘we’ of us all as being as important as the ‘me’ or the ‘I’.”

–Emma Adams ‘ writer, Northern Big Board

Audience Comments

“The actors were brilliant too, funny and amazing. I could tell that everybody was proud and so was I.”

“Fantastic, original ideas. I’ve never been to anything like it.  We all really enjoyed it and will remember it forever”

“Absolutely first class. Well done”

“Wonderful, genius. Well done.”

“It was wonderful – a parable and a fairytale for the power of our public spaces. I will remember it for a long time.”

“Thank you for organising this amazing production. This wonderfully creative event has injected a much-needed burst of life and fun into Shipley Pool. I hope you will be back.”
–Shan Vasey, manager Esprit Diving Club after Northern Big Board.